Basketball Camp

Crew Control- Summer Developmental Basketball Camp-

This week long camp provides boys and girls a chance to take their game to the next level by giving them an opportunity to improve their fundamentals. Each age group and skill level will have favorable gym time, station work, and team play. Younger campers will be shooting on lower, age appropriate goals. Campers will learn passing, ball handling, rebounding, court spacing, team offense, and defensive skills. Campers will have fun and gain self confidence allowing them to create their own winning formulas on and off the court.

  • Instructor: Charles Crews
  • Days: Mondays-Fridays
    • Week 1: 6/19-6/23
    • Week 2: 7/17-7/21
    • Week 3: 8/7-8/11
  • Times: 9:00 am-12:00 pm
  • Location: Kernersville Recreation Center
  • Fee: $115/week per student. $25 early registration if registered by Week 1- 6/9, Week 2- 7/7, Week 3- 7/28. Sibling Discount $20.
  • Ages: Kindergarten – 10th grade
  • Registration: online, 336-996-3062

Mentor Tennis

Mentor Tennis- Jr. Summer Tennis Camps – Ages 6-14

Learn and/or improve your Jr. tennis skills! Each day of camp will build on the different aspects of tennis—from basic strokes to game play, depending on the class’s goals. Limited space! Register early!

  • Instructor: Coach Rod Pearson, USPTA & USNTA Cert. & Triad area instructor for 20 years
  • Days: Mondays-Thursdays
    • Week 1: 6/12-6/15
    • Week 2: 6/19-6/22
    • Week 3: 7/10-7/13
    • Week 4: 7/24-7/27
  • Times: 9:00 am-1:00 pm
  • Location: FOJP
  • Fee: $120/week per student
  • Registration: Rid Pearson-, 336-459-0647, Players must be registerd the Wednesday prior to selected week of camp.

High School & Advanced Summer Tennis Camp

Advance your ability to compete as well as your tennis skills on & off the court. For more information, and minimum advanced camp requirements contact Mentor Tennis, Ltd.

  • Instructor: Coach Rod Pearson, USPTA & USNTA Cert. & Triad area instructor for 20 years
  • Days: Mondays-Thursdays, 8/7-8/10, High School Tennis Players.
  • Times: 9:00 am-1:00 pm
  • Location: FOJP
  • Fee: $140/per player per week
  • Registration: Rid Pearson-, 336-459-0647, .Players must be registered by Wednesday 8/2/17

Acting Academy – Summer Intensive CampAges 11-16

This camp takes it up a notch! Does your teen have a passion for the dramatic and performing arts? Acting Academy campers will be challenged to express themselves creatively and collaborate in various aspects of the dramatic arts including scene study, voice and diction, character development and analysis, audition techniques and improvisation!

  • Instructor: Heather Havel, DKI Instructor with an Education/Theatre Degree
  • Dates: Monday-Friday, 7/24-7/28
  • Time: 9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Location: Kernersville Community House, 405 Salisbury St., Kernersville
  • Fee: $230
  • Registration: or 336-154-4385