Champions in Motion (CIM) Self Defense – Ages 4 & Up

In this 16-week class you will gain safety awareness education, advance in rank and belt, improve self-confidence, increase concentration and learn physical and verbal self-defense skills.

Instructor: CIM, Scott Combs
Dates: Mondays 2/5-5/21 & Thursdays 2/8-5/30*
Times: 5:45 – 8:15pm, depending on belt rank
Location: KCRC
Registration: On-site, Monday 2/5 & Thursday, 2/8
**Fee: $10 to register and $8 per class, paid weekly
**Visit Champions in Motion’s website for details

Champions in Motion (CIM) Cheerleading – Ages 4 & Up

This 15-week class promotes coordination, confidence, poise, artistic expression, competitive spirit, and physical fitness for recreational and competitive cheerleaders. Beginners to Elite will learn cheers, chants, dance routines, and march in parades.

Instructor: CIM, Natazia Cooper
10:00-10:45 am | Ages 4-6
10:45-11:15 am | Tumbling Class
11:15-12:00 am | Ages 7-9
12:00 am – 1:00 pm | Ages 10 & Up ($10 class)
Registration: On-site, Saturday, 2/10, starting 15 minutes before class
Location:  KCRC
**Visit for full details.