Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department’s Adaptive and Inclusion Services is dedicated to providing recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Please initiate the inclusion process at least two weeks before the scheduled program or event in order to ensure enough time and preparation to determine modifications. When you register, you will be prompted to select whether you require a modification to participate or not. Please select yes, and you will be contacted by our Adaptive and Inclusion Coordinator to complete any necessary forms. These forms can be submitted by email to or in person at the Kernersville Community Recreation Center (125 East Bodenhamer St). Once received, the Adaptive and Inclusion Coordinator will:

  1. Contact you to obtain additional information
  2. Complete additional forms as needed (Personal Care Authorization, Behavior Policy)
  3. Collaborate to discuss available support options



Include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to adaptive equipment (when available)
  • Modifications to program games/activities that do not alter the nature of the program
  • Administering competency and communication training for staff
  • Adding inclusion support staff to programs (Note: this is not a one-on-one service)
  • Visual support structures
  • Partial Participation


Inclusion Support Services

Inclusion staff are available to assist people with disabilities to participate in all Kernersville Parks and Recreation programs. Please note this is not a therapeutic environment or one-on-one service. Inclusion staff are trained individuals added to staff ratio to ensure communication, behavioral, and personal needs are met. Participants who require one-on-one assistance are welcome to attend programs with their own attendant or direct care professional. All attendants/direct care professionals must complete and return our Personal Assistant Waiver and adhere to our Personal Assistant Expectations.


Therapeutic Recreation Services

We also offer Therapeutic Recreation services to those who wish to have documentation of their progress while participating in our programs. There is no additional cost for these services and are only provided at the expressed wish of the program participant or their support network. Objectives are determined by the participant’s personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. Services are supervised by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and North Carolina Licensed Recreational Therapist. If you or your loved one are interested in working on physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, or leisure awareness goals while participating in our offered programs please ensure you fill out the last page of the Participant Information Form and provide to our Adaptive and Inclusion Coordinator.

These are the goal areas we can focus on.

Physical Health, mobility, endurance, strength, flexibility, energy, activity skills, frequency of being active
Emotional Happiness, regulation, self-awareness, self-acceptance, autonomy, competence, optimism
Cognitive Concentration, following directions, memory, problem-solving
Social Friendship skills, interpersonal skills, reciprocal relationship skills, initiating conversation, leadership, citizenship, confidence
Spiritual Hope, inspiration, meaning, purpose, peace of mind, reflection, self-actualization, character, virtue
Leisure Awareness Awareness, decision-making, community resources, motivation, enjoyment, satisfaction, self-advocacy


Therapeutic Recreation Internship Opportunities

Note: We will begin offering internships again in January 2023

Internship Application Deadline
January – April October 15
May-August February 15
September-December June 15


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