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Park Hours

Dawn to Dusk

Park Amenities

  • 2 Shelters
    • Shelter #1: 4 picnic tables, 20″x32″ charcoal grill
    • Shelter #2: 3 picnic tables, 20″x32″ charcoal grill
  • Tennis Courts (4)
  • Pickleball Courts (3)
  • Basketball Court
  • Yalp Sona Arch (YouTube Playlist)
  • Youth Ballfield
  • Challenge Course
  • Restroom

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Built on a generous land donation by our local chapter of the Civitan Civic Club, Civitan Park had a great mix of active and passive amenities. In May 2023, the park was redesigned and given a new name to usher in a positive marked change. This park now houses four (4) tennis courts, three (3) pickleball courts, a basketball courts, a ball field (softball/baseball), an interactive Yalp Sona Arch, and a challenge course. There is also a trail surrounding the ballfield and two shelters for reservation!


Court Reservation Information

We know everyone is excited to utilize the new tennis and pickleball courts at Civitan Fitness Park. Here are a few administration note for court utilization.

-Courts can be reserved online; reservations can start at 10am and must end by 8pm.
-Reservations are $5/hour.
-Open play is 7am-10am, 8pm-11pm, and any non-reserved slots.

Calendar availability can be access via scanning the QR Code outside the court or visiting the court reservation page.


Shelter Reservation Information

•Shelters are available for reservation from March 1 through October 31 of the current year, and we begin taking reservations on March 1st as well. Outside that time frame, shelters are on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. We do not accept reservations for future years.

•Shelters are available as two options; full day reservation and half-day reservation. A full day reservation is 10am-9pm, the cost is $80.00. A half-day reservation is 10am-3pm or 4pm-9pm, the cost is $40.00. We do not offer custom hour blocks.

•Reservation can be made over the phone or online.

  • If you would like to reserve online you can do so by logging into your account, selecting ‘Facility Reservation’, inputting your search parameter in the left hand side, then selecting the desired shelter and following the prompts to complete the payment; you can select a half-day or a full day. Reservation fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the time of booking. If you need to make an adjustment to your reservation, call us as only administrative staff can make adjustments.

Shelter Rules & Regulations

• A Special Use Permit is utilized for “extra amenities” or special functions you would like to have that may alter the normal use of the park. This can include (but isn’t limited to) hosting a 5K or wanting to bring your own personal grill. If you have questions about this form and whether you will need it contact us.


Youth Ballfield Reservation Information

UPDATE 6/26/2023: The youth ballfield is free-play only. We are aware that we used to take reservations, but we have decided to open it fully and NOT take reservations going for.


Civitan Master Plan

The Town began a Master Planning process for Civitan Park in 2015. In March of 2020 the Kernersville Board of Alderman approved the revisions of the site plan for Civitan Park renovations. The park closed for renovations later than year, and reopened to the public on May 13th 2023.

Read an article about the update via the Kernersville News. HERE


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