Soccer Game Day Procedures

updated 5/01/2021

We have compiled a few guideline requirements regarding return to play:

  • There will be an extra 15 minutes between games to allow for an easy transition. Example- The 3:45 game ends at 5:00; the next game will be scheduled at 5:15. Game times may be staggered to help maximize social spacing.
  • Teams will be required to sit on opposite sidelines from another. Please leave this area cleaner than you found it!
  • Spectators will be allowed but with the following restrictions:
  • Face coverings must be worn while sitting on the bleachers, around the field if social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • Spectators are not permitted on the sidelines!
  • Cash/Bagley Fields #1 & #2- Spectators are not permitted on the field. They may sit on the bleachers or outside of the fenced area.
  • Cash/Bagley Fields #3- Spectators may sit behind the goals or outside of the fence.
  • Ivey M. Redmon- Spectators must sit behind the goals.
  • Again, Spectators are not permitted on the Sidelines!
  • The official will be asking each player following screening questions.
    • Have you had a fever of 100.4o F or greater within the past 24 hours?
    • Have you had close contact with a confirmed positive, presumptive positive, or any possible source of COVID-19?
    • Do you have two or more of the symptoms listed below that are not associated with known seasonal allergies? Cough, Sore Throat, Chest Pressure/ Difficulty Breathing, Headache, Chills, Repeated shaking with chills, Newly developed loss of taste or smell.
  • In order to provide contact tracing, officials will record the completion of these screenings by placing a check mark next to each player on team scorecards.
  • Social Distancing is recommended at all times.
  • Any arguments with the official that breaches the 6-foot social distancing limit will be an automatic card.
  • Normal KPRD rules will apply.
  • All safety precautions will be strictly enforced and your team is expected to cooperate fully. Failure to cooperate will result in player ejections.
  • Additional procedures may be added for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the score table.


2021 Spring

2020 Winter



Sunday, April 11 – Sunday, June 27




Games at 3:30 – 8:30


Ivey M. Redmon Sports Complex & Cash/Bagley Sports Complex


8 game Regular Season



Manager Meetings:


Registration Ends:

Team Registration
Ended Wednesday, March 24
Player Registration
Ends Sunday, April 11 12:00pm
Your team code is needed for this
($10 late fee after 4/11)
Free Agent
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Age Restrictions:

Male- 25 & older

Female- 18 & older


Contact for information
Adam Carpenter
Athletic Coordinator