Last Revised
February 22nd 2019

Mission Statement

Kernersville Parks and Recreation strives to improve the quality of life and safety for its citizens and employees by offering diverse quality programs, activities, parks, and town facilities, while also protecting the environment.


To provide an opportunity for men to form teams and participate in organized league play in accordance with the Rules and By-Laws outlined herein.


Each team is required to register their team during assigned registration dates.  Each team must have an appointed team manager/coach that is responsible for the league communication with the parks and recreation department.

Entry Fee

The entry fee will be payable prior to the start of the season.  Entry fee covers, officials, clock operators, awards, and tournament games.  No refunds will be given after schedules have been printed.

Season Fee Games
Winter $425.00 8 regular season games and a single elimination tournament
Summer $325.00 5 regular season games and a single elimination tournament
Fall $425.00 8 regular season games and a single elimination tournament

Inclement Weather

In case of snow or bad weather, postponement of games will be announced. For more information call the inclement weather hotline at 336-992-0805. Games which are postponed will be rescheduled at the end of the season or an available Saturday.


  1. Roster maximum is 12.
  2. A player must be:
    • Competitive League – 18 years old by the first game of the sesason
    • Recreation League – 23 years old by the first game of the season
  3. No one playing on a college basketball team may participate.
  4. A player is required to play in:
    • Winter & Fall Seasons – 3 regular season games to be eligible for the tournament.
    • Summer Season- 2 regular season games to be eligible for the tournament
  5. Illegal Player
    • If a player has not played in the required number of games during the regular season and then plays in post-season tournament play, this will constitute an Illegal Player
    • Only opposing team managers will be allowed to declare an Illegal Player during the course of the game or before the game is over. After the game, no action will be taken. If the accusation is held to be true, it will result in a forfeit.
  6. All players must sign waiver release forms.
  7. Rosters will be locked by:
    • Winter & Fall seasons – After the 6th game of the season
    • Summer Season- After the 4th game of the season
  8. Additions to team rosters after the cut-off date may be allowed only upon permission from the programs coordinator.
  9. Any player playing under an assumed name will be suspended a minimum of one year.
  10. Any manager who knowingly plays an illegal player will serve the same suspension as the player.

Team Manager Responsibilities

  1. All coaches must submit team roster before the (1st) first regular season game. All games will be forfeited until a complete roster form is checked by the recreation department.
  2. The manager’s job is to maintain proper conduct among his team members at all times.
  3. Managers/Coaches should be examples for their players. Unsportsmanlike conduct and constant harassment of officials will not be tolerated.


  1. All officials will be furnished and assigned by the Kernersville Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. Officials will have complete control of all games. The officials’ decision on a call will be final.
  3. After the game has begun, the assigned officials or a department staff member will be responsible for discontinuing the game for misconduct.
  4. Any player or coach ejected during a game will be suspended for two (2) additional games. Any player suspended twice during the regular season will be declared ineligible for the remainder of the season and playoffs.


  1. Teams must have the same colored jerseys with numbers on the front and back.
  2. Teams must have their jerseys by the second week of the season.
  3. You can have only one player without a number because they can be identified as 0 or 00. They still must have a shirt of the same color or one that doesn’t blend with their opponents. All other players must have a shirt that has a number. If you do not have a shirt with a number or the shirt you have is the same as your opponent the following must occur:
    1. You will be required to wear a KPRD jersey that has a number or a pennie which number will correlate with its color.
    2. 2 Free Throws will be awarded (per player) that does not have a shirt with a number or that has a shirt that is the color of the opponent at the beginning of the game. If a player show up without a shirt after the game has started those free throws will be shot at the next dead ball. Example 1- Team A has 3 players with a shirt without a number. Team B will be awarded 6 free throws before the tip. Example 2- Team A has a player that shows up after the game has started without a number. Team B will be given 2 free throws at the next dead ball and then play will resume as normal.

Playing Rules

Shall be the current High School Federation Rules with the following exceptions:

  1. T-shirts under jerseys do not have to be the same color as the jersey.
  2. No restrictions on logos, names, etc. on shirts as long as numbers are clearly visible and numbers must be on front and back.
  3. Grace Period: A five-minute grace period will be allowed for teams to reach the minimum of 4 players. The clock will begin at the normal game time and once the game clock hits 11:00 the game will be considered a forfeit. Teams may use their time-outs during this period.
  4. All teams should be at the game site thirty minutes prior to game time.
  5. The 7th team foul in one half will constitute a one-and-one situation. The 10th team foul in one half will constitute two shots.
  6. Each team’s bench may not total more than two (2) managers for any game. Verbal warning by official will be given first; the violations will result in forfeiture. Zero tolerance for any swearing or talking back to an official.
  7. Technical fouls: Two technical fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct in a game will automatically eliminate a player or coach from the gym. (As well as an additional game). If a player or coach fails to leave the gym within a timely manner they will be suspended the remainder of the season. If a player or coach is suspended twice during the season, he/she will also be dismissed for the remainder of the season.


  1. The game shall consist of (2) 16 minute halves with the clock stopping only for injuries, all free throw attempts and time-outs. The clock will stop for all whistles during the last 2 minutes of every quarter.
  2. Overtime: In case of a tie in a regulation game, the winner will be determined by overtime periods the clock will stop for all whistles during the last minute of the overtime periods.
    • 1st OT – 3 Minutes
    • 2nd OT – 2 Minutes
    • 3rd OT – Sudden Death
  3. 3 Minutes half time Period
  4. Time-outs through the entire game:
    • 2- one-minute time-out periods
    • 2- 30 second time-out periods
    • 1- one-minute time-out per overtime
  5. If a 20 point lead occurs during the game the clock will continue to run during free throw attempts.

General Regulations

  1. Bouncing of balls: bouncing of balls while another team is practicing or playing will not be permitted. The game will be held up until all balls are put away. Only coaches are to bring warm-up balls.
  2. No smoking, eating, or drinking in the gym.
  3. Players, coaches and managers only are to be in the team bench area during games.

Forfeit of Game

  1. When a team cannot field at least 4 players by game time.
  2. When a game gets out of hand and either the officials or gym supervisor feel that the game should be forfeited rather than continue play.
  3. If a team forfeits 3 games during the regular season they will be dropped from the tournament schedule. (Team will not receive refund)


All protests must be filed with the Programs Director within (24) twenty-four hours of the game, in writing, with a $25.00 protest fee. If the protesting team wins the protest the fee shall be returned. If the protesting team loses the protest the fee is forfeited.

Code of Conduct

The Parks and Recreation Department strives to encourage good clean competition and sportsmanship. Therefore, all teams are asked to cooperate with the officials, gym supervisors, and managers.

  1. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs prior to or during the game will be allowed on Town property.
  2. No abusive or foul language.
  3. No fighting.
  4. Do not abuse an official or Parks and Recreation personnel.
  5. Any time a player is removed from a game by an official for unsportsmanlike conduct (this includes fighting, swearing, etc.., before, during or after a scheduled game), player automatically suspends himself for the next two (2) games.
  6. No player shall refuse to abide by an official’s decision. This will result in suspension from game.
  7. No player shall be guilty of objectionable demonstrations of dissent at an official’s decision by throwing balls or equipment. This will result in a technical foul and suspension from the game.
  8. Teams will be held responsible for behavior/conduct of their fans. If fans continue to show unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials, attendants, or scorekeepers, the game will be stopped and forfeited to the other team.
  9. If a player is ejected from the game, the penalized player has two minutes to leave the facility or the team forfeits the game.

Jewelry/Dress Code/Conduct

  1. No player shall wear jewelry of any type (includes watches, rings, necklaces, etc…)
  2. Shirt tail should be in during game play.
  3. Game attire should be worn properly example: shorts, game pants worn at hips.

Post-Season Tournament

At the conclusion of regular season play, a Single elimination tournament will be played.

Jurisdiction of Rules

The Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department holds the rights to change, add, or alter any of the local rules to for the improvement of the league.