Last Revised
February 18th 2020

Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department

Futsal Rules of Play



Mission Statement:

Kernersville Parks and Recreation Department (KPRD) strives to improve the quality of life and safety for its citizens and employees by offering diverse, high quality programs, activities, parks, and town facilities, while also protecting the environment.


To provide an opportunity for men and women to form teams and participate in organized league play in accordance with the Rules and By-Laws outlined herein.



5 vs. 5

One female must be on the field at all times for coed divisions. Team must play a man down if a female is not on the field. A minimum of four (4) players is needed to start game. If the minimum of four (4) players is not ready to play 10 minutes past the game’s scheduled game time, it is considered forfeit (0-6).

Age Limits:

  • Men 18+
  • Women 18+


Team divisions may be determined by game play and or by the soccer board.


Each team is required to register their team during assigned registration dates. Registration will not be accepted without payment. Each team must have an appointed team manager/coach that is responsible for league communication with KPRD. Late registration may be added at an additional charge if the league director sees fit.


The entry fee per team is $425 and must be paid prior to the start of the season. The entry fee covers: officials, regular season and tournament games. No refunds will be given after schedules have been posted.


Team captains are responsible for their team management. All players are required to carry photo identification and must produce it if the referee or administrator requests it to check against the official team roster. If player cannot produce identification, validation of player identity is at the discretion of the referee and/or administrator. Any team found to be consistently forfeiting and/or playing short may have player(s) added by the administration without notice. In the event a player is unable to play due to any circumstance, a player may be added as long as approval has been received from KPRD. Rosters must be turned into the Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department by your first game or when requested by KPRD. By not submitting a roster at this time, your team is subject to play in the highest level of competition. Team rosters are limited to 15-player maximum for the season and will be LOCKED at game time of your sixth game of the season. No additional players will be added after this date unless approved by the KPRD. Please print all information legibly. Tournament- players must play in at least three (3) regular season games in a 8-game schedule to be eligible for tournament play.


Eligible participants may play on any team in any league; however, a participant may only play on one team per league.

All players must be listed on the team roster and have filled out/signed an individual participant waiver form before they are eligible to play. It is the team manager’s responsibility to have waiver forms and rosters completed and turned in. Please print all information legibly.

  • Any team found with playing an illegal player (player not on their roster).
  • The team will forfeit that game (Game will be scored at 0-7).
  • The player and team captain will be suspended for all of their games the following week.
  • A second offense will result in removal for the remainder of the season for the player and captain

Futsal Board:

The Futsal Board consists of volunteer coaches from the futsal league at Kernersville Recreation Center. The Futsal Board will meet as needed to discuss the league rules of play, referees, teams, schedules, tournaments, situations that arise at the field, etc. The Board represents the players and managers in the KPRD Futsal League. The Board will make recommendations regarding the best interest of the program. At the beginning of each season the board helps assign teams to divisions by level of competitive play.

General Information:

  • KPRD will have jurisdiction over all managers, players and leagues. KPRD reserves the right to supersede FIFA rules regarding the best interest of the program.
  • KPRD and the Futsal Board holds the right to assign your team to a competitive league based on your roster.
  • It is the responsibility of the Team Manager/Representative to see that all participants of their team understand the rules/regulations of the league.

Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather, postponement of games will be announced as soon as we can due to its unpredictability. After game time, the decision of play will be left up to the official. If the first games for the night are cancelled, all games for the night will be cancelled. Your team captain will be notified regarding all cancelations. Games, which are postponed, will be rescheduled at the end of the season or as double headers during the season. Only in extreme cases will games be made up on Saturday. If a game in process is abandoned and at least one half has been completed, the game will be considered a complete match.


The official schedule will come from the league coordinator and will be posted on-line at Please make sure you check the schedule on a regular basis in case there are any changes. Scores and regular season standings will also be posted. Games will be played as scheduled. Game times will be played as early as 2:00pm and as late as 8:00pm. The schedule cannot be altered due to players participating in multiple leagues/teams. If administration is notified at least 7 days prior to a scheduled game (and both captains and administration agree) the game will be rescheduled. If neither captains do not agree nor the administration, the game will remain as scheduled.

Game Time:

  • Will consist of (2) 20-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. Halftime may be shortened based on the discretion of the referee.
  • Game clock will start at game time.
  • A 10-minute grace period will be given at the beginning of each game to allow teams to achieve their minimum of four (4) players.
  • Any time taken out for injury will be added to the playing time at the referee’s discretion.
  • Teams are encouraged to call and let the athletic coordinator know that their team is forfeiting. If teams call before 1:00pm the day of the game, the score will be a 0-3 loss. If the forfeit occurs after 1:00pm, the score will be a 0-6 loss.
  • If a team forfeits three games, that team will automatically become eliminated from any further competition and forfeit all team fees.


  • All substitutions are on the fly, this includes goalkeeping substitutions. Referees will not stop play for goalkeeping substitutions.
  • A substitute may not enter the match until the player leaving the match is at the touchline in the substitution zone.
  • Any substitute who enters the field of play before the player being replaced has completely left the field of play may be shown a yellow card.
  • All substitutions must take place at the halfway line (in front of the score table).


  • Kickoffs: are indirect. The ball must be played forward first. Tapped balls are not in play – the ball must move forward.
  • Kick ins: are indirect. The ball must be placed on or no more than 10 inches behind the line and the kick must be taken within 4 seconds. The kicker’s non-kicking foot must be out of bounds or on the line. (A kickin that goes directly in the opposing goal is a goal clearance for the opposing team. A kickin that goes directly in the defensive goal is a corner kick of the opposing team.)
  • Goal Clearances: are taken when the ball wholly crosses the goal line after being touched last by the attacking team. The goalkeeper must use his hands to roll, bounce or throw the ball from anywhere inside the penalty area to outside the penalty area.
  • Corner Kicks: are direct. The ball must be placed directly on the corner spot and the kick must be taken within 4 seconds.
  • Free Kicks: may be indirect or direct. The ball must be stationary before the kick may be taken.
  • Penalty Kicks: are taken from the penalty spot and must be shot at goal by a clearly identified kicker. Defenders may not be nearer to the ball than 12 feet and must be behind an imaginary line running from touchline to touchline even with the penalty spot.
  • Distance: For all of the above, except goal clearances, opponents may not be closer to the ball than 12 feet.
  • Ceiling: If the ball hits the ceiling or other object, the team that did not touch the ball last restarts play with a kickin from the nearest point on the touchline.


  • Field Size: approx.. 60’ X 90
  • Game Balls: Size 4
  • Goal Size: 9.8 x 7
  • Jerseys: All teams must furnish their own shirts or uniforms. Shirts are preferred to be all of the same or similar color but not required. Shirts with numbers are not mandatory but are highly encouraged.
  • Shin guards: Shin guards must be covered by socks and are MANDATORY for all players.
  • Footwear- tennis or athletic shoes only. Cleats are not allowed.
  • NO Jewelry or Hats, Only items approved by the referee will be allowed (i.e. medical bracelets, etc.)

Referee System: 1 referee

Local Playing Rules: Will follow FIFA rules with the following exceptions:

  • One time-out (60 seconds) per game. Clock will stop.
  • Cannot score on a throw by the keeper
  • No offensive player may be in the 8 x 14 blue box directly in front of the goal. If a goal is scored when an offensvie player occupies that space the goal will not count.
  • Foul- Direct Kick
  • Dangerous Play- Indirect
  • 5 yards distance for free kick after foul
  • 5 yards distance for kick in
  • Penalty 6 yard
  • # Fouls 10 yard
  • Direct/Indirect kicks – Defense must be 8 yards off the ball
  • Cards
    • Yellow- Sit out for 2 minutes, team does not play down.
    • Red- Out for the remainder of the game and the next. Team plays the rest of the game down one.
  • Penalty kicks will be used to determine a winner in tournament games


  • Standings will be kept on the soccer website for each division and standings will be determined by the flowing: Wins= 3 points, Ties= 1 point, Loss= 0 points
  • In the event of a tie in points the standings, the tiebreaker for final league standings are followed in this order:
  • Head-to-Head,
  • Goal differential
  • Goals against
  • Goals for
  • Fair Play
  • Coin Flip

Rules of Conduct- Fouls and Misconduct:

Kernersville Parks and Recreation encourages clean and sportsmanlike conduct on the field and in the stands.

Bad sportsmanship, fighting, profanity, or arguing/threatening the referees will not be permitted on the field or their vicinity.  Players, coaches, or spectators approaching umpires in a negative manner will not be permitted.  Such actions are subject to ejection from the game and/or suspension from the league.

PROFANITY- If profanity is loud enough to hear by the umpires and spectators in the stands, the player will be ejected from the game.

EJECTION- Any player or captain ejected from the game will be required to leave the premises IMMEDIATELY. Refusal to do so will lead to team forfeiture of the game.  An ejected player is expected to simply gather belongings and LEAVE the field and spectator area immediately. Please refer to Yellow/Red Card section of rules for further clarification.

Any action involving excessive profanity, assault on a referee or official of the Town, or excessive disruptive behavior of a player, captain, or fan will result in permanent banning from any other activities offered by the Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department and that individual may be subject to criminal charges with local authorities.

Kernersville Parks & Recreation will NOT tolerate physical or verbal fighting for ANY REASON on and off the field and all patrons (fans and/or players) involved will be subject to a ban from any and all Kernersville Parks & Recreation facilities, programs &/or be subject to criminal charges.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Park Property will result in instant banning from park property and league play for the period of 1 year.

Indirect Free Kicks: When a player plays in a dangerous manner, impedes an opponent (without playing the ball), slides, prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball with her hands or commits any offence for which play is stopped to caution or eject a player.

Direct Free Kicks: When a player kicks or attempts to kick an opponent, slidetackles an opponent or slides with an opponent near (automatic yellow card/caution), jumps at an opponent, charges at an opponent, strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, pushes an opponent, holds an opponent, spits at an opponent or handles the ball deliberately.

Yellow Cards:

  • If a player receives a yellow card, the player is required to be substituted for and cannot return for 2 minutes prior to a restart or at the referee’s discretion, whichever occurs first.
  • If a player receives two yellow cards (soft red) within a single game, they are required to leave the field and the vicinity. The team must play down a player for the remainder of that game. The player will also miss (1) additional game.
  • If a player accumulates 3 yellow cards within a season, the player will miss (1) game subsequent to the 3rd yellow card.
  • Yellow Cards do not carry over season to season
  • Consistent infringement or serious incident(s) committed by a player or team may result in suspension or being banned from the KPRD Adult league.
  • Referee decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Red Cards:

  • If a player receives a straight red card, the player must leave the field and vicinity immediately. The player cannot be replaced.
  • The player will also miss any other games that day and receive an automatic (1) additional game suspension. The league will review the offense and reserves the right to add additional game suspensions if necessary.
  • All players receiving a red card must meet with a league official prior to being reinstated.
  • Consistent infringement or serious incident(s) committed by a player or team may result in suspension or being banned from the KPR Adult league
  • Referee decisions are final and cannot be appealed

Accumulated Fouls / AFPK: All penal fouls are recorded on the scoresheet and on the scoreboard. If red fouls blue a sixth time in one half, for that sixth penal foul and all subsequent penal fouls in that half, blue is awarded an accumulated fouls penalty kick. If the foul occurs farther from the attacking goal than the second penalty spot, the AFPK is taken from the second penalty spot. If the foul occurs nearer to the attacking goal than the second penalty spot (but outside the penalty area, of course), the attacking team may choose whether to take the AFPK from the second penalty spot or from the spot of the foul. All AFPK’s must be shot at goal by a clearly identified kicker. The defending team may not make a wall and may not be nearer to the ball than 16 feet and must be behind an imaginary line running from touchline to touchline even with the spot of the kick. The goalkeeper may be off her line, but may not be nearer than 12 feet from the ball. Accumulated fouls are reset to zero at the beginning of the second half.

Second Penalty Spot: 30 feet from the center of the goal

Penalty Spot: 20 feet from the center of the goal

Advantage: Advantage will be applied in futsal, with penal fouls still counting as accumulated fouls. If the referee shouts, “play on” and gestures with both arms, the foul was a penal foul and will be counted accordingly. If the gesture is with one arm, the free kick would have been indirect and thus does not count toward the total.

Profanity, Offensive language:

Profanity, insulting, or offensive language will not be tolerated. If directed at another person, it will result in an immediate red card and the player must meet with a league official prior to reinstatement. Any bystander using foul or abusive language will be asked to leave the premises. Incidental language not directed at the referee will be up to the discretion of the referee as to if a card should be given.

Fighting Policy:

Fighting and aggressive behavior from teams, players, and fans will be taken very seriously.


First offense – Red card, expulsion from game, 8 game ban (carries across seasons) with no refunds, mandatory meeting with administration prior to re-instatement.

Second offense – Red card, expulsion from game, 1year ban (carries across seasons) with no refunds, mandatory meeting with administration prior to re-instatement.

Third offense- Red card, expulsion from game, lifetime ban.


First offense – Red card, expulsion from game, 2 game ban (carries across seasons) with no refunds, mandatory meeting with administration prior to re-instatement.

Second offense – Red card, expulsion from game, 8 game ban (carries across seasons) with no refunds, mandatory meeting with administration prior to re-instatement.

Third offense – Red card, expulsion from game, 1 year ban (carries across seasons) with no refunds, mandatory meeting with administration prior to re-instatement. Possible lifetime ban.


At any time, administration can impose a lifetime ban based on the evidence and severity of the incident for either or both players. Fans causing problems will be escorted off the premises. All decisions by administration are final and non-disputable.

Protests / Appeals:

Should a dispute arise about whether a player is eligible, it will be the team manager’s responsibility to file a protest (see Declaration of Illegal Players). The Field Supervisor will pursue the following procedures in order to make an accurate judgment at the field. Protests can only be made regarding rule interpretations or use of ineligible players. In order to protest, the team manager must alert the umpire at the time of the protest during the game so it can be noted on the lineup card. To file an official protest with KPRD, the team manager must file a letter with the League Director stating the protest (by 12pm the following day).


Please bring all questions and concerns regarding the league rules to the Athletic Coordinator.