Last Revised
August 6th 2019

Mission Statement

Kernersville Parks and Recreation strives to improve the quality of life and safety for its citizens and employees by offering diverse quality programs, activities, parks, and town facilities, while also protecting the environment.


To provide an opportunity for men and women, ages 16 and older, to form teams and participate in organized league play in accordance with the Rules and By-Laws outlined herein.

Teams, Leagues, Divisions

    • Men’s League- Option of playing on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night. Each night will be divided into divisions by the softball board based on each team’s roster.
      • The top division in each night may be allowed 5 homeruns
      • All other divisions will be allowed 3 homeruns
    • Coed- Thursday
      • One Division- 3 homeruns male / 3 homerun female
      • Competitive- 3 homeruns male / 3 homerun female
      • Recreation- 1 homerun male/1 homerun female
    • Women’s- Monday
      • 3 homeruns


Each team is required to register their team during assigned registration dates. Online registration will not be accepted without payment. Each team must have an appointed team manager/coach that is responsible for the league communication with the Athletic Coordinator.

Entry Fee

The entry fee of $410.00 will be payable prior to the start of the season. Entry fee covers: officials, NSA team sanction, awards, and tournament games. No refunds will be given after schedules have been printed.

Softball Board

The Softball Board consists of volunteer team managers from the softball leagues at Ivey M. Redmon Sports Complex. The Softball Board will meet once a month or as needed to discuss the league rules of play, umpires, teams, schedules, tournaments, situations that arise at the field, etc. The Board represents the players and managers in the KPRD Softball Leagues. The Board will make recommendations to Kernersville Parks and Recreation Staff regarding the best interest of the program. At the beginning of each season the board helps assign teams to divisions by level of competitive play.

General Information

  • The official NSA Softball rulebook will govern play in all leagues, with the exception of rule alterations covered in the by-laws. Each registered team will receive a NSA rulebook access online at
  • Kernersville Parks & Recreation will have jurisdiction over all managers, players and leagues. KPRD reserves the right to supersede NSA rules regarding the best interest of the program.
  • Kernersville Parks & Recreation and the Softball Board holds the right to assign your team to a competitive league based on your roster.
  • Each team is entitled to 1 representative for mandatory meetings regarding the league and that representative is entitled to 1 vote, if necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of the Team Manager/Representative to see that all participants of their team understand the rules/regulations of the league.

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, postponement of games will be announced as soon as we can due to it’s unpredictability. After game time, the decision of play will be left up to the umpire. If the first games for the night are cancelled, all games for the night will be cancelled. For more information, call the inclement weather hotline at 336-992-0805 or check online ( Games which are postponed will be rescheduled at the end of the season or double headers during the season. Only with extreme cases will games be made up on different nights. The spring season will need to conclude no later than July 1st and the fall season December 5th.


The official schedule will come from the Athletic Coordinator and will be posted on-line at Please make sure that you check the schedule on a regular basis in case there are any changes. Scores and regular season standings will also be posted. Games will be played as scheduled. Game times will be played 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, and 9:30pm.

Rosters/Line-Up Cards

  • Rosters must be turned into the Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department by your first game or when requested by KPRD. By not submitting a roster at this time your team is subject to play in the highest level of competition.
  • Team rosters are limited to a 20 player maximum for the season and will be LOCKED at game time of your 7th game of the season. No additional players will be added after this date unless approved by the KPRD.
  • Adding/Deleting Players: Players can be added/deleted from the team roster as long as the active roster does not exceed 20 players. Submit an individual player waiver sheet to the softball field supervisor.
  • Each team manager will be responsible for turning in a line-up card consisting of all players present for each individual game. First names and last names must appear on the lineup card. No nicknames will be used on the card. This information must be printed legibly, signed and handed to the umpire before each game. Line-up cards are posted on the red clip board located at each field.
  • Any substitute not listed on the card will not be allowed to play.


  • Eligible participants may play on any team in any league; however, a participant may only play on one team per night.
  • All players must be listed on the team roster and have filled out/signed the online participant waiver form before they are eligible to play. It is the team manager’s responsibility to make sure their teammates have completed the online waiver forms.
  • Players in adult leagues must be 16 years of age or older. Any player under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the individual player registration waiver form.
  • The Softball Field Supervisor will track all rosters and players in order to compile an eligibility list for all teams. Only full names (first & last) on the line-up cards will be counted. It will be the team manager’s responsibility to make sure that the umpire makes notation of the substituted names on the score card.
  • Playing of an ineligible player during the regular season will result in forfeiture of all games the player participated in and a warning from the league office. A second offense will lead to dismissal of the team from the league. Playing of an illegal player in the post-season tournament will result in a loss and elimination of that team for the tournament.
  • Any participant playing under an assumed name or address will be suspended for 1 year from all Kernersville leagues, and a photo ID will be requested in such situations.
  • Tournament: Players must play in at least 4 regular season games (40%) in a 10-game schedule to be eligible for tournament play.
  • Regular season– If a player has played in at least one game, signed a waiver sheet, or appears on a roster of any given team within a league, that player cannot play for another team within the same night in the same season. This will constitute an Illegal player.
  • Post season– If a player has not played in the required number of games during the regular season and then plays in post-season tournament play, this will constitute an Illegal player.
  • Declaration of Illegal Players– Only opposing team managers will be allowed to declare illegal players during the course of the game or before the last out of the game. After the game, no action will be taken. (Regular Season). If the accusation is made during a game, it will result in a forfeit. (Post Season) The player and team will be ejected from the tournament.
  • If a team forfeits (calls, emails or in person) then all players on the winning team will receive eligibility for playing in that game. No player on the forfeiting team will receive eligibility.

Game Time

  • An official game will be constituted by a 1-hour time limit or 7 innings, whichever comes first. No new inning will be allowed to start after the 55-minute mark. The umpire will keep official time on the field. Each team manager is responsible for checking with the umpire at the beginning of the game for the official starting time.
  • Tie Game– Extra innings will be played until a winner is decided.
  • Injury– Any time taken out for injury will be added to the playing time.
  • In the case of a forfeit, the team scheduled to play will have use of the field for 30 minutes. If a team forfeits three games in a season, that team will automatically become eliminated from any postseason competition and forfeit all team fees.

Game Balls

  • Each team must furnish the ball they would like to use when on offense. The balls do not have to be new, but of usable quality as deemed by the umpire.
  • Optic Yellow
  • No specific brand is required but it must be an approved stamped NSA.

  • Men-
    • 52 COR, 275 compression, 12 inch- Logo 1 or 3
    • 44 COR, 400 compression, 12 inch- Logo 2
  • Women-
    • 52 COR, 275 compression, 11 inch- Logo 1 or 3
    • 44 COR, 400 compression, 11 inch- Logo 2
  • It will be the opposing pitcher’s responsibility to make sure that the correct size ball is being used.
  • It is the responsibility of the defensive team to make sure a legal ball is being used. If an illegal ball is being used, it shall be replaced at that time, with no penalty. All plays to that point will stand and there will be no replays.


  • Metal cleats/spikes are PROHIBITED.
  • The umpire has full authority to request certain types of jewelry to be removed if deemed a safety hazard.
  • All teams must furnish their own shirts or uniforms. Shirts are preferred to be all of the same or similar color but not required. Shirts with numbers are not mandatory but are highly encouraged.
  • Tank tops and/or any boots are NOT allowed at any time.


  • No illegal or altered bats. All bats used must be approved NSA bats. You can get the approved bat list on
  • KPRD will have compression testing for all bats used in league play. All bats must be approved and have the KPRD approved sticker visible.
  • A team’s catcher will be responsible to ensure each opposing batter’s bat has the approved sticker.
  • Penalties-
    • Before the first pitch- No penalty and the batter is allowed to get an approved bat.
    • After the first pitch and during the player’s at bat- Result is an out.
    • After the at bat and before the next pitch- batter is out and all players on base return to previous base occupied.
    • Second offense in the same game- Results in the player’s ejection from the game.
  • All equipment must meet NSA requirements and is subject to the umpire’s approval.
  • Batting balls against ball field fencing IS NOT allowed.

Local Playing Rules

  • All Players must stay inside the dugout at all times. The only exceptions are 1st and 3rd base coaches and the on-deck player. There may only be two bats allowed outside of the dugout. (1 warm up, and the one being used by the batter)
  • Run Rule –  All teams have the option to keep playing (scrimmage with no umpire) within the one-hour time limit regardless of the score if both teams are in agreement.
    • 20 runs after 3 innings
    • 15 runs after 4 innings
    • 10 runs after 5 innings.
  • NSA Rules state that batters will begin with a ONE & ONE count (1 ball & 1 strike), with no extra foul (Once you have two strikes on you, batted ball must be fair). A foul ball on 2 strikes is a dead ball and an out.
  • Teams must have (8) eight players to start a game at the official game time or the game is forfeited. In the case where a team starts a game with eight players, the vacant 9th and 10th spot(s) in the batting order shall be declared an OUT. Should the 9th and 10th player(s) arrive, the team may insert the 9th and 10th player(s) into the line-up with no penalty (Their name must be listed as a SUB on the line-up card before the game begin). Inserting the 9th and 10th player(s) into the line-up would eliminate the automatic out(s). The 9th and 10th position in the line-up must be left blank if only (8) eight players are available. In coed the out can be the 9th  or 10th batter depend on the gender short and how the line-up card was started.
  • Teams must also have at least (9) players to continue a game.
  • Since the lineup card contains a total of (12) twelve spots/names the following scenarios can occur:
    • Any team may use one (1) or two (2) Extra Players (EP) per game provided it is made known prior to the start of the game and properly indicated in the lineup. In the case where a team starts the game with eleven or twelve players and that player has not arrived the vacant spot in the lineup shall be declared an out for the entire game. The eleventh or twelfth position in the lineup must be left blank until a player arrives. If the eleventh or twelfth player(s) arrives, they can be inserted into the game and eliminate the automatic out from the lineup, but their name MUST BE LISTED as a SUB on the lineup card before the game begins.
  • Coed League- Teams may play with the following scenarios: Normal- 5 men/5 women or 6 men/6 women. Short- 5 women/4 men, 5 men/4 women, 6 men/5 women, 6 women/5 men, 4 women/4 men. In the case where a team starts the game with eight, nine or eleven players (a short scenario 4/4, 5/4 or 6/5) and that player has not arrived the vacant spot(s) in the lineup shall be declared an out for the entire game or until a player arrives to fill the spot.
  • Score- Both teams will be required to keep score with the HOME team book being official. In the event of inclement weather, the losing team must have batted 4 times for the game to be official.
  • A 5-minute grace period for tardiness will be allowed.
  • Courtesy Runner- Any player on the lineup can be a courtesy runner. If that player comes up to bat in the lineup while on base, it is an automatic out.
  • Orange Base– In all leagues, in the case of a play being made at first base, the base runner must tag the orange 1st base bag in order to avoid a collision. If the runner does not tag the orange base bag and tags the white base bag, an opposing manager can call for a protest of the tag and it will be ruled an out.
  • Walks (Coed)- If a male batter has been walked the female can:
    • One out or less- Only option is to hit
    • Two outs- Two options
      • Hit or
      • Walk (go to first)


  • Each league will conclude with a double (weather and time permitting) elimination tournament to determine a champion and runner-up. If weather and time do not permit then a single elimination will be provided.
  • Tournament games will adhere to a 1 hr. time limit until the championship game, in which teams will play 7 innings with the Homerun and run rule in effect.
  • Tournament seeding will be based on regular season record. Once the tournament begins, highest seed will determine HOME teams. The exception to this rule is in the championship tournament game. In the championship game the winner’s bracket team will be home team, regardless of seeding. In the case of an “if necessary” game a coin toss will determine the home team.


  • Regular Season
    • 1st Place- One Dozen Balls
    • 2nd Place- 1/2 Dozen Balls
  • Tournament
    • 1st Place- One Dozen Balls
    • 2nd Place- 1/2 Dozen Balls

Protests / Appeals

  • Should a dispute arise about whether a player is eligible, it will be the team manager’s responsibility to file a protest (see Declaration of Illegal Players). The Field Supervisor will pursue the following procedures in order to make an accurate judgment at the field. *Match the card to the eligibility chart. *Refer to each line-up card handed in throughout the season in order to count games played by the player in question.
  • Protests can only be made regarding rule interpretations or use of ineligible players. In order to protest, the team manager must alert the umpire at the time of the protest during the game so it can be noted in the scorebook. To file an official protest with KPRD, the team manager must file a letter with the League Director stating the protest along with a $25 protest fee (by 12:00pm the following day). The League Director’s decision will be final. If the protest is granted, the $25 fee will be returned. If it is denied, the Team Manager will forfeit the $25. If there is a bat protest, there will be a $200 cash only protest fee to be paid at time of protest.
  • To file an appeal on an ejection, the team manager must file a letter with the League Director stating the appeal along with a $25 protest fee (by 12:00pm the following day). This appeal will then be submitted to the Softball Board to vote (within a week of the incident). The softball board then has the final call on the appeal. It the appeal is granted, the $25 fee will be returned. If it is upheld, the team manager will forfeit the $25.

Homerun Limits

Each League will have a homerun limit. Once the limit has been reached each additional homerun hit will be an out against the offense.
  • Men’s- 5 or 3 Homeruns allowed (depending on the division)
  • Women’s- 3 Homeruns allowed
  • Coed Recreation- 1 Homerun allowed male / 1 Homerun allowed female
  • Coed Competitive- 3 Homerun allowed male / 3 Homerun allowed female

Rules of Conduct

Kernersville Parks and Recreation encourages clean and sportsmanlike conduct on the field and in the stands.

  • Bad sportsmanship, fighting, profanity, or arguing/threatening the umpires will not be permitted on the field or at the ballpark. Players, coaches, or spectators approaching umpires in a negative manner will not be permitted. Such actions are subject to ejection from the game and/or suspension from the league.
  • PROFANITY- If profanity is loud enough to hear by the umpires and spectators in the stands, the player will be ejected from the game.
  • EJECTION- Any player or coach ejected from the game will be required to leave the premises IMMEDIATELY. Refusal to do so will lead to team forfeiture of the game. An ejected player is expected to simply gather belongings and leave the field and spectator area immediately. Ejection from a game will automatically lead to a suspension from the league for a minimum of 2 games (the KPRD and Softball Board have the final call if an offense calls for more than 2 games). A second ejection in the same season will result in suspension from the league for the remainder of the season and/or a period of 1 year from ejection date. This decision is made by KPRD and Softball Board at their sole discretion.
  • Throwing a bat- If you intentionally throw a bat during play, you will be automatically ejected from the game at the umpire’s discretion.
  • Any action involving excessive profanity, assault on an umpire or official of the Town, or excessive disruptive behavior of a player, coach, or fan will result in permanent banning from any other activities offered by the KPRD and that individual may be subject to criminal charges with local authorities.
  • KPRD will NOT tolerate physical or verbal fighting for ANY REASON on and off the field and all patrons (fans and/or players) involved will be subject to a ban from any and all KPRD facilities, programs &/or be subject to criminal charges.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Park Property will result in instant banning from park property and league play for the period of 1 year.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed in the softball park area, with the exception of service dogs.

*Please bring all questions and concerns regarding the league rules to the Team Manager’s Meeting so that we may address them before the league begins