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Pope Park

Kernersville Parks & Recreation received a generous gift of 80 acres from Scott Pope! The naming of this park will honor his late parent, Etta Lea and Lawrence Pope. Scott Pope vision of this park is to transform it into Kernersville’s version of Central Park in New York City. A Steering Committee has been created to represent and ensure this vision becomes a reality.

The Steering Committee first met on April 11th, 2018. The Steering Committee is comprised of:
Scott Pope; Town Citizen & Contributor
Emily Blackwell; Project Manager at Stewart Architect
Ernie Pages; Director of Kernersville Parks & Recreation
Victoria Harley; Recreation Administrative Specialist
David Largen; Park Maintenance Superintendent
Doran Maltba; Director of Public Services
Jenny Fulton; Kernersville Alderman
Joe Pinnix; Kernersville Alderman
Rochelle Joseph; Community Development Manager
Joel Cooper; Recreation Advisory Board Member
Kurt Aktug; Recreation Advisory Board Member
Doug Cox; Recreation Advisory Board Member
Kevin Bugg; Recreation Advisory Board Member
Susan Fradenburg; Town Citizen
Susan Sear-Snow; Town Citizen

This committee meets once a month and here are the minutes from the April Steering Committee Meeting and the May Steering Committee Meeting.


We will be gathered at the Etta Lea & Lawrence Pope Memorial Park Open House on Thursday June 14th starting at 6pm.