ActiveNet Will Be Our New Registration System

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The Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department is unfortunately having to switch to a new registration software.

We have enjoyed using MaxGalaxy but Microsoft announced its plans to stop supporting Silverlight in October. Silverlight is an integral component of the MaxGalaxy product and because Silverlight will no longer be supported, MaxGalaxy will soon no longer operate.

We will slowly transition all our program registration and facility reservations over to the new system so please keep an eye out for those changes. We are hoping to have everything transferred over to the new system by the end of this month.

At this time we have migrated accounts over. If you were in the  system before the transfer date and the account had all the necessary information, you should have received an email from the new system stating that your account has been created. If you have not received that email then you will need to create an account. As with the old system, you won’t be allowed to register for programs, leagues or secure a facility reservation until you are logged into an account.

The new system can be accessed at: ActiveNet for Kernersville Parks & Recreation
Here is a PDF of the Account Creation Steps.

During the final phases of the conversion to the new system (occurring now through October 8th), customers will still have access to our main website ( but some program registrations will transfer you to the new registration software instead of the previous registration software you’re used to seeing. In regards to reserving a shelter, the old reservation software will allow reservations through Wednesday October 6th but after that date the remainder of the facility reservation calendar (October 7th through October 31st) you will need to call us over the phone to secure a shelter reservation.

The new system is expected to be fully live to the public beginning Friday October 8th 2021.

Here is the above image as a PDF that explains the areas of the Home Page.


Here is a PDF that describes the links on your Account Page, which can be accessed.


We will update this page with more information as we progress in this migration.

Updated: 10/1/2021