Project Updates for Parks & Recreation

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Over the past couple of years, the Kernersville Parks & Recreation Department has been pushing through the various changes and focusing on providing quality experiences for our citizens. We have focused on park renovations, addressing deferred maintenance, new buildings and a roadmap for the next 10 years. Here is the latest on some of our larger projects.

Etta Lea & Lawrence Pope Memorial Park

We appreciate all the public input we had over the years, starting back in 2018. As of July 2019, when we completed the conceptual plan for the park, the estimated cost for the 80-acre park was $15 Million. We have been looking into multiple options, but $15 Million is a large sum of money. There are plans in place to seek grant funds with a hopeful start of construction in 2024.

As of September 2021, the park was closed to begin construction on the first phase of the Kerner Mill Greenway Project. The greenway is still under construction and that project is slated to be completed and opening to the public Fall 2022.

Civitan Fitness Park

Civitan Park was made through a generous land donation by our local chapter of the Civitan Civic Club. After various input sessions the design resulted in four dedicated tennis courts, three dedicated pickleball courts and other elements. An amenity that was graciously added through a partnership was the Novant Health Fitness Court, which further solidified a decision to adapt the parks name to Civitan Fitness Park.

We began the park renovation process in late 2021, we ran into some scheduling conflicts which resulted in an intermission on the project. As of today, we have the funding secured and necessary approvals from the Board of Alderman and LGC. The project will pick back up mid-summer of 2022, after Independence Day.

Kernersville Community Recreation & Event Center (KCREC)

We are excited with the prospect of a new building to offer more programs and have larger event space. At the October 2021 Board of Alderman meeting, the two-story plan was presented and approved!

Fast forward to March 2021, the town purchased available land adjacent to Ivey M Redmon Sports Complex on the corner of Union Cross Road and Shields Road. The Board agreed to move the KCREC to the previously mentioned property so the building becomes an entry point to Downtown Kernersville. This building relocation results in our engineers and architects having to conduct further design plans in order for the KCREC to fit on the site and make efficient use of the property. Resulting in an extension on the projects original construction date by eight to twelve weeks.

Construction will begin in early 2023.

Recreation Department Master Plan

Every 10 years a department wide master plan is completed, these comprehensive plans are a way to guide and ensure needs are being met for the Kernersville Community. The latest master plan was adopted on January 8, 2013 therefore it is time to start this process.

Soon you will see various materials that encourage you to provide insight on our offerings and facilities to identify the essential recreation needs and review them to develop new strategies in meeting the future recreation needs of the community.